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How to Choose the Best Parking Lot Cameras

Best Parking Lot Cameras The global market for surveillance cameras is expected to continue to grow This tells you there’ll be a lot to choose from when looking for parking lot cameras. The importance of surveillance cameras can’t be overstated. The increasing security threats and terrorist attacks are reasons enough to secure your parking space.…
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Window Sensors & Door Security Alarm Sensors

Window Sensors You are pretty sure you want an alarm, cameras, and a keypad that will act as your command center, but if you skip window and door sensors, then you will not be able to properly safeguard windows or doors — two of the more common modes of entry that criminals like to use…
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Video Intercom Systems and Video Door Phones

In this age of “no contact” and “social distancing” here are a few things to consider. Video intercom system would reduce a lot of unnecessary contact in this age of “no contact” and “social distancing” As many businesses are trying to reopen and also trying to remain safe for their employees and their customers, a…
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