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5 Reasons For Outdoor Lighting

The Benefits Of Outdoor Security Lighting 1. It’s very attractive: The first and best reason is that it will add beauty to your home. If done correctly, proper lighting will enhance the look of your home. Imagine how you will feel when you arrive home at night and see your home lit up to greet you.…
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Summer Vacation Security – Do Not Leave Clues!

5 Vacation Security Tips DO NOT LEAVE CLUES: Make sure that you are not leaving clues for potential thieves. We recommend a few simple ideas-- have the Post Office hold your mail, stop any newspaper delivery, cancel any auto-delivery packages. You do not want items accumulating on your doorstep.  You may also want to schedule…
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Fire Detection Systems

Fire Detection & Fire Alarms SoundWorks offers a full range of fire detection and fire safety solutions including, 24 hour monitoring, smoke detectors, fire prevention, fire alarms, smoke alarms, and equipment safety inspection for your home or office. We have more than fifty years of combined experience, ensuring the best service. Contact us for a…
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