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You are pretty sure you want an alarm, cameras, and a keypad that will act as your command center, but if you skip window and door sensors, then you will not be able to properly safeguard windows or doors — two of the more common modes of entry that criminals like to use to unlawfully access other people’s homes.

Window Security Alarm Sensors Torrington CT

Let’s take a look at four advantages of window and door sensors — we are betting that No. 2 will surprise you!

  1. Keep Out Criminals

    When you install and activate the window and door sensors, you will be notified by your home security system whenever someone triggers the sensors. Even better, if your home security system includes a monitoring feature, then the service provider will be notified whenever the sensors are triggered, and they can contact the authorities as well as check up on you courtesy of a phone call to ensure that you are safe.

  2. Keep Loved Ones In

    Often times, people install window and door sensors to keep bad people out, but you may also use them to keep good people in. If you have little ones who love nothing more than to open the door and explore the outdoors without bothering to inform you, you can set your system to notify you anytime the doors and windows are opened. As well, if you have aging loved ones who might have a habit of exiting the home without telling anyone, you can keep on top of things and, while doing so, ensure that they stay safe.

  3. Extra Deterrent

    If your home security system is activated and someone tries to force his or her way in through the windows or doors, a loud alarm will sound. This will not only serve as a deterrent to criminals who do not want to attract attention but also serve to alert you and your family that a break-in effort might be in progress.

  4. Peace Of Mind

    When you know that you have done everything you can to protect your home — which of course means monitoring all possible entry points — you will have the peace of mind that comes from understanding that your family and your property are safe.

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  1. What is the difference between a glass break sensor and a window sensor?
    Window sensors are designed to alert you when a window is opened, however, they don’t alert you if the window is shattered. Glass break sensors are designed to let you know if your home’s glass is cracked or broken. Also, keep in mind that window sensors cover one area while one glass break sensor covers an area within a certain range.
  2. How does a glass breaking sensor work?
    Glass break sensors use a microphone to listen and detect the sound of glass breaking. Some glass break sensors use additional technology to distinguish between the initial sound of glass cracking and the shattering of glass. Glass break sensors also work differently depending on the type of glass.

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