Why You Need Good Commercial Lighting

Commercial Security Lighting

If your business is open at night, you know that good parking lot lights offer both aesthetic appeal and convenience to your patrons. But it’s also very important for security and legal reasons.

Did you know that about half of violent crime occurs in parking lots? If you don’t have enough lighting, or if you have the wrong type of lighting, you’re making it easier for a criminal to lurk in the dark, undetected by patrons until it’s too late. Inadequate parking lot lighting levels could also expose you to negligence legal issues over criminal incidents or accidents that occur in your parking lot.


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Let’s go over some of the reasons for good parking lot lighting.

Reason #1 – Crime

Your customers and your employees need to be safe when they are walking from the store to their vehicles. Fewer criminal types will be around when you have sufficient lighting in your lots since they don’t want anyone to see them.

Reason #2 – Parking

If you expect to have people patronize your place of business after the sun has gone down, they are going need to be able to see where to park without hitting other cars in the lot.

Reason #3 – Crossing the Lot

As people walk from their cars to the store and vice versa, they need to be able to see where they are walking. Any holes or divots in the lot could cause someone to fall and injure him or herself, which could result in a lawsuit for you. A licensed electrician certified in making electrical repairs can service existing pole lights.

Reason #4 – Pedestrians

It is important that you have enough lighting to illuminate anyone who is walking through the parking lot. If the lot is dark, there is a greater chance that someone in a car could strike a pedestrian.

Reason #5 – Better for Business

If your store is open at night and you do not have any lights in your parking lot, you will find that your business is going to suffer. People don’t want to deal with all of the dangers listed above just to get to a store. They will wait until the following day, or they will find another store.

These are just a few of the reasons that you need to have parking lot lights for your business. If you are a business owner, have these lights installed right away, and make sure that you only use a professional electrician to do the work.


Commercial Outdoor Security Lighting SoundWorks and Security CT

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