Top 5 Benefits Of Video Intercom Systems For Business

Benefits Of Video Intercom Systems

  1. Being Able To See Your Visitors
    With conventional intercom systems, you rely on your visitor’s voice to verify their identity before you “buzz” them in. This isn’t always reliable, though, especially when there’s a lot of street noise. With a video intercom system, your tenants won’t have to rely on guesswork or finger-crossing that their visitors are who they say they are.
  2. Discreetly Report Intruders
    If your visitors have legitimate business with you, letting them inside is as simple as pushing a button. If they aren’t, however, you can easily and discreetly report them to authorities.
  3. Improve Inter-office Communication
    While their security benefits cannot be understated, video intercom systems can also be customized to facilitate communication between offices, or within one office. With both voice and video support, they allow staff to communicate much more effectively than by email or voice calls alone.
  4. Prevent Crime
    The simple presence of video surveillance or intercom technology is often enough to discourage would-be thieves or vandals. Not wanting to leave visual evidence of themselves, they will think twice before trespassing on your well-secured property.
  5. Access Control
    Video intercom systems can also be used to restrict areas within your building. Instead of relying on key cards, which can be lost or stolen, add another level of security to your business with video verification.

Video Intercom for Business

Benefits Of A Video Doorbell At Home

  1. Being Able To See Any Activity At Your Door
    Other than the obvious of seeing visitors, you could see when the mail is delivered. It is also a benefit around the holidays if you shop online and have packages delivered.
  2. Could Be A Deterrent To Vandalism
    In many cases, someone who is looking to break in or steal mail will choose another house just by seeing the intercom system.
  3. Ease And Speed Of Use
    The hands-free use is definitely a big plus. It is also helpful if you are busy or have a hard time moving quickly as you can look and press a button.
  4. Adds Value To Your Property
    Home safety and security is a big consideration for home buyers. If your home has a comprehensive alarm system supplemented with a video intercom system, it can be the key point at sale time.
  5. Record Keeping
    Most of the newer video intercom systems can capture, store and date-stamp images so that you can review them if the need ever occurs.

Video Intercom Systems


  1. What exactly is a video entry intercom?
    Video door-phone (also known as video door entry or video intercom) is a stand-alone intercom system used to manage calls made at the entrance to a building (residential complex, detached family home, workplace, etc.) with access controlled by audiovisual communication between the inside and outside.
  2. What is the difference between a wired intercom system versus wireless?
    A wired intercom is an intercom system with wires running between the outdoor speaker panels, master panels, and the indoor units it is connected to. Usually, the cable used is a two-conductor, shielded wire, but could be a computer network type CAT-5 cable depending on the type of intercom system.
  3. Are video entry intercom systems compatible with other smart homes devices?

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