Swimming Pool Safety Tips

One of the biggest concerns during the summer is making sure that everyone stays safe. If you have a pool, that can make it more stressful. Here are a few tips that might help!

Wave Detection Sensor

The easiest way to ease your mind is to include a wave detection sensor to your pool as a back up to your fence. Most surface wave detection pool alarms are either mounted to the deck of the swimming pool with a sensor that extends to the top of the water, or the unit floats on the water's surface. The alarm is triggered by waves from a human or animal that has fallen into the swimming pool water.

Underwater Motion Alarm

These pool monitoring devices use a sonar grid beneath the water’s surface to detect a breach and sound an alarm. Since they use sonar instead of motion, these systems won’t sound false alarms due to the wind-generated movement of the water. However, they are sensitive enough to detect even the smallest body (around 15 pounds). These systems are completely automated and re-arm themselves automatically. They provide an excellent primary security system for any size or shape of the pool.

Pool Covers

A mesh pool cover is one of the most reliable options for swimming pool safety. The strength of mesh in-ground pool covers primarily comes from straps that stretch across the pool and anchor the material onto the pool deck. The straps are spaced about every 3-5 feet and create a strong, durable and weather-resistant mesh grid. This mesh is practically impossible to break with your bare hands and has been seen supporting the weight of a car. Most covers are independently tested to meet or exceed standards

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  1. How expensive are pool alarms?
    The prices vary depending on the type and size of the pool.
  2. Where would I purchase a pool alarm?
    They can be purchased at various vendors and stores.
  3. Do they need to be professionally installed?
    That depends on the type of device.

Channel 3 Eyewitness News Hartford CT: Here is a video and article about pool safety and how pool hopping can be a problem! A behind-the-scenes look as dispatchers monitor city pools!

In Hartford, police say after-hours “pool hopping” is a problem every summer.

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