Summer Vacation Security – Do Not Leave Clues!

5 Vacation Security Tips

  1. DO NOT LEAVE CLUES: Make sure that you are not leaving clues for potential thieves. We recommend a few simple ideas-- have the Post Office hold your mail, stop any newspaper delivery, cancel any auto-delivery packages. You do not want items accumulating on your doorstep.  You may also want to schedule some basic lawn maintenance while you are away so your home looks “lived in.”
  2. BE CAREFUL WHO YOU SHARE YOUR PLANS WITH: You don’t want to share your plans or photos on the internet, or with too many people. You can do that when you return.  We suggest you tell a few neighbors or close friends so they can keep an eye out on your home, and make sure that they have a way to get ahold of you.  If you have a security system, make sure the people watching your house have the phone number to your monitoring company and password.
  3. ELECTRONICS: No one lives in complete darkness. Make sure you leave some key lights on or consider using a timer on a few. If you have a home automation system you can schedule lights to go on or off at certain times.  It is also a good idea to unplug electronics and/or use surge protectors, especially if you are in an area prone to severe storms.
  4. SECURITY SYSTEMS: If you have a security system, make sure you notify your monitoring company and update your call list.  This can be a huge benefit when you go on vacation and you can enjoy yourself worry-free.
  5. ON A PERSONAL NOTE: A few additional reminders of things we tend to forget in the excitement of going away:  pay any bills that will be coming due while you will be gone to avoid late fees or interrupted service.  Clean out the refrigerator.  Nothing can ruin a perfect vacation like coming home to a moldy mess in the refrigerator.  The same goes for the garbage. Remove it from the house ahead of time.

Security Systems Install Before Your Summer Vacation CT Burglar Alarms

FAQ's -

1) Who do I notify before I go away?

Security company, credit card company so they know that it is you in a different location, and request the Post Office to hold mail

2) Is there a good place to hide a key?

We do not recommend this. The “fake rock” is pretty obvious and under the doormat is also well known.

Remote Access Your Security Camera When On Vacation CT

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