StarLink Connect Wireless Communications

Want to cancel your phone service and still monitor your alarm?

If you are looking to make your life easier The StarLink alarm capture radio may be a great addition, the communicators are fully supervised, wireless digital two-way subscriber units supported by an extensive nationwide wireless network. All models are compatible with virtually any 12VDC alarm control panel. All can function as a backup to existing telephone lines, or as a primary communicator.

When used as a backup communicator, all units will automatically switch the communication channel from the telephone line to the network when telephone line trouble is detected. Professionally monitored security & today’s top wireless communications keep your family & property safe with 24/7 professional monitoring and emergency response. For new systems or adding on to existing ones, StarLink provides affordable remote conveniences while connecting your home to a licensed monitoring station wirelessly. It uses today’s fastest multi-billion-dollar cyber-protected cellular networks, instead of relying on phone lines that can be cut or temporarily down.

The StarLink Connect is a new affordable service to add-on to your new or current security system, It’s the new smart way you can stay connected all the time, easily and conveniently from any smart device. Keep an eye out on one location or many, get a text or video notifications on events, on virtually anything, like temp alerts, refrigerator door ajar/open, deliveries, scheduled events that did or didn’t happen, alarms, video-verified openings & closings and more. Day or night, control lights, locks & more.

StarLink Connect & iBridge are trademarks of NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc.

StarLink iBridge SoundWorks CT 2019


  1. Is it hard to operate the remote system?
    Not at all, it is very simple with the app
  2. Is it affected by power outages?
    Yes, but there is a battery backup for your alarm system
  3. What do the techs that install it say is the biggest benefit of the StarLink?
    Definitely more secure than a phone line

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