Some Benefits Of Motion Detectors

Motion Detectors and Sensor Alarms

Motion sensor alarm is a device that uses an optical, microwave, or acoustic sensor to detect motion around your home or workspace. Its normal use, within physical security, is to detect intruders within a facility and trigger an alarm.

A complete motion sensor alarm system has a few main components. The first is a motion detector, which is the most outwardly evident part of it (that’s why the whole motion sensor alarm system is sometimes only known as a motion detector). This motion detector is generally composed of a component that emits either infrared radiation, microwave radiation, or ultrasonic waves, and a receiver that captures these waves/radiations.


A motion sensor is the essential part of security system, it is the key device that detects when someone is in your home or property when they really shouldn’t be. When the sensor is tripped, the signal is sent to your security system’s control panel which is connected to a monitoring center that alerts you to the potential threat in your property, helps you sense the movement. The sensors work when you are not at home, or when you arm the system.

Some security systems can be programmed to record the events via the recording device when the motion is detected if you have a camera system. Motion detectors can also be used for switching on lighting or thermostats. There are also devices that a triggered based on weight or size, so they are pet friendly.


Some Other Benefits:

  • To deter criminals-
  • Criminals may attempt to breach your property with the intent of stealing or vandalizing it. However, lighting the area upon approach to your property will scare the intruder away.
  • Easier to see- Having lights in just the right locations around your house will allow you, your neighbors, or patrolling police officers to see if someone is lurking around your house.
  • Providing safety at night- It can be difficult to see the path to your door when you arrive home in the dark so having motion sensor lighting or daylight sensor lighting installed will help to prevent falls.
  • To scare off the critters- Skunks and rabbits can cause damage to your lawn or flower beds, but when the light pops on, they scatter fast.


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