Lutron Motorized Smart Shades

Lutron The Transformative Power Of Light

Think about how your mood changes when a drab, cloudy morning turns into a sun-kissed day, and then that bright afternoon sun softens into a dusky evening. You go from feeling lackluster to energized and then relaxed. Light energizes life. Light not only changes the look of the day but also affects the way you feel. Wouldn’t it be nice to adjust the amount of daylight in your home to complement your mood and even help transform it? With Lutron, you have the power to do that. The press of one button can shape the lighting in a space to create the perfect atmosphere for any activity.

Drapery Track Systems

Drapery track systems electronically operate pinch pleat or ripple-fold curtains to provide elegant, quiet, convenient daylight control. You can use your own material for drapery tracks.


Drapery Sizes

Lutron drapery track systems provide a wide range of options to suit your needs. Our systems allow for tracks up to 30 feet long, single or multi-bend curved tracks, manual-open override, track splicing, 90° curves, and more.

Straight track- The straight track system is available in the following configurations:

  • Single or dual-track
  • Standard single track with lengths up to 18ft, and up to 30ft spliced Curved track Lutron drapery track can be custom-curved to fit a curved wall, bay window, and many other special applications.
  • Standard arc: 90° bend with a 20" minimum radius
  • Custom arcs are also available and can accommodate center and a single draw


Draw Styles

Left draw—the drive is located on the left-hand side, and the carrier opens drapery from the right toward the left. (Drive remains hidden behind the stack back.)

Right draw—the drive is located on the right-hand side, and the carrier opens drapery from the left toward the right. (Drive remains hidden behind the stack back.)

Center draw—one drive uses two carriers to open the drapery from the center to the left and right simultaneously. (Drive can be located on the left or right while remaining hidden behind the stack back.)

Battery-Powered Honeycomb Shades

Triathlon battery-powered honeycomb shades are cost-effective, easy to maintain, and ideal for areas that require a wire-free solution.

Cable-guided options Cable-guided honeycomb shades move smoothly and quietly along vertical cables that are mounted to the outside of a door or window frame. These cables prevent shades from swaying, making this solution ideal for doors or areas of heavy airflow.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades come in varying opacities from sheer and translucent to room darkening, allowing you to achieve the optimal level of light control and privacy for your space. In addition, all insulated honeycomb shade fabrics have a white backing that acts as a reflector, to help keep your space cool and comfortable. With these dual-sided fabrics, you can give each room a signature look while maintaining a uniform appearance from the outside.


Battery Basics

Triathlon battery-powered honeycomb shades feature industry-leading battery life and use store-bought batteries. The innovative headrail design makes batteries easy to access and change.

Roman Shading System

Roman shades give you the advantage of using your own material, while still reaping the benefits of Lutron technology. This style gives you a lot of flexibility not only in fabric options but also in the number of pleats you want. Work with your local Lutron shade specialist to achieve the ultimate design for your space – from the perfect fabric to the number of pleats. Precision control Like the other styles of Lutron shades, Romans feature intelligent hembar alignment, which synchronizes all shades/window coverings in one room or throughout a home.


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