How to Choose the Best Parking Lot Cameras

Best Parking Lot Cameras

The global market for surveillance cameras is expected to continue to grow
This tells you there’ll be a lot to choose from when looking for parking lot cameras.

The importance of surveillance cameras can’t be overstated.

The increasing security threats and terrorist attacks are reasons enough to secure your parking space. Having well-monitored parking lot cameras can go a long way in averting attacks before they happen.

Whether you need parking lot cameras for your business space or residential property, you need to get the best.

The process of choosing one that’ll suit your needs can be demanding. Knowing what comprises a good quality camera is the starting point of your purchase.

How to Choose the Best Parking Lot Cameras Avon CT

Importance of Parking Lot Security Cameras

Some people might wonder whether it’s vital to install parking lot cameras. The answer is yes absolutely.

Apart from keeping your customers feeling safe, they also help with law enforcement. They can help in the detection of groups of people congregating or someone loitering and notify you or security via your preferred notification method.

Successful identification of these individuals helps to get justice for the victim and protect you.

Camera recordings also provide proof of the damage done or stolen items. Camera footage can help protect you against false liability claims.

When properly installed and monitored, cameras make it safer to walk in high-risk areas. They help track who gets into your property and reduce cases of trespassing.

The cameras can also catch people who try to park without paying in case yours is a paid parking site.

Unfortunately, surveillance cameras can fail you at times. For example, when there are power outages, your surveillance will be disrupted. For this reason, always strive to have a powering backup plan.

Thieves sometimes target by stealing or break your cameras. You can avoid this by installing them in a place where it’s hard to spot them.

Strive to strategically protect your cameras from rain and wind to prevent them from tampering with surveillance.

How to Choose the Best Parking Lot Cameras Litchfield CT

Factors to Consider When Choosing Parking Lot Cameras

Having parking lot cameras installed shouldn’t be just for the sake of it.

Remember that parking lots are the most common locations for crimes. As such, you need a camera with distinct specifications.

1. Night Vision

How busy is your parking lot at night?

As you check the visibility of your camera in the daytime, consider if you’ll need night vision capabilities as well.

Most likely you’ll need them.

The only exception to this requirement would be if the parking lot is deserted at night. As long as there are cars parked there, go for cameras with night vision capability.

Night vision cameras come with IR LEDs to help you get clear footage even in low light.

Avoid installing them inside your room to monitor through a window. Doing this might block your view or produce not-so-clear images.

2. Resolution

The best way to get the best image quality is to find a camera with high resolution. This is the only way you’ll be able to identify the culprit. It’ll also bring the license plate number close enough.

More specifically, go for cameras with a resolution of 4mp and above. Don’t ignore the fact that a high resolution will attract a higher price. However, you’d rather part with much money and get good value for it.

If actual identification is not a priority to you, go for cameras with a resolution between 2mp and 4mp.

3. Weatherproof

Since your parking lot cameras will be placed outdoors, they should be waterproof.

Go for cameras that are sturdy enough to survive through inclement weather conditions. The cameras should also be vandal-proof.

Parking lot cameras that are hard to break or steal are the best buy. Professional installation services will help to ensure the cameras are tightly and securely fixed.

How to Choose the Best-Parking Lot Cameras Litchfield County CT

4. Motion Sensor and Zooming Features

It’s highly recommended that you choose parking lot cameras with motion sensors. A motion detection camera senses all action when there’s movement near it.

It’s amazing, you can even program them to zoom in and follow movements around the parking lot- catching every bit.

The three options of activating the camera are

  • Turning on the floodlight
  • Starting the recording
  • Starting the alarm

Cameras with motion sensors work better and smarter than those without.

They also come with a lot of advantages, including saving you time and money. Making it all the more reliable in comparison with others, thus providing you with better protection.

5. Analog or Digital

It’s worth noting that digital and analog cameras may not have the same capabilities.

The analog CCTV cameras are more suitable for real-time viewing. They have the potential for low latency and higher volume of recording using less storage drive space.

The IP CCTV cameras provide a higher resolution with some latency. Depending on the resolution of the camera they have a lower volume of recording using more storage drive space.

6. Placement

As you consider the various models available, think about their installation.

You want to make sure they are installed correctly and may want to have a professional tech do it.

Ensure that you have as many cameras as possible to make the whole place secure.

The further up they’re installed, the safer they’ll be, and the safer you’ll be.

7. Cost

In most cases, if you want high-quality parking lot cameras, you’ll have to part with some money. However, this isn’t to say that all expensive cameras are the best quality.

You’d be surprised to find those good quality cameras are relatively priced and quite affordable.

Have a budget in mind, get a couple of different opinions, and work around it. Don’t shy off from adjusting it upwards if the need arises.

It helps to shop based on your business needs and not necessarily on the budget.

How to Choose the Best Parking Lot Cameras CT


  1. How many cameras do I need in my parking lot?
    It depends on what you want to be able to cover and the square footage of your parking lot.
  2. What brands of cameras are good to use?
    That depends on your specific needs. Each camera model has its own key features.
  3. Do they have facial recognition?
    Yes, some models do.

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