Benefits of Video Doorbells

Video Doorbells

I am all for video doorbells, and pretty much any other surveillance you can acquire for the home. Of course, there will be differences depending on what you buy – and even different versions of the same product will have different features – but here are some general pros to consider.

24-Hour (Triggered) Surveillance

A video doorbell allows you to see what’s going on around your front door when you’re home and away. Many people are amazed at the level of activity near their home on an ordinary day; much of which was never thought twice about before they had the means to see what was going on.

If you have a hardwired doorbell, you’re basically upgrading a home feature for one that offers the added benefit of video surveillance. Users also have the option to run video doorbells off battery power, but hardwiring seems to be the recommended way to go.


Customizable Surveillance

Most people have no idea about all that takes place in front of their homes. Perhaps 99% of that activity is harmless, though, which makes the ability to “focus” surveillance on the areas you need it all the better.

For instance, most video doorbells allow users to set motion zones, which means they can block out the stuff they don’t care to capture – a runner down the sidewalk, etc. – and instead be notified for only those who walk up onto the porch.


2-Way Communication

With video doorbells, it’s not all about the video! The ability to have a conversation with those outside your door is a big plus, again, for those who are both home and not home at the time a visitor comes around.

If you’re out and about and want to give the illusion you’re home, it can help with that. Or perhaps you just want to ask your delivery man to place your package elsewhere. If home, maybe you’re too busy to come to the door, or you don’t feel safe opening the door for whoever is present but do want to talk to the person to see why they are there.

Realistically, is knowing too much ever harmful? Before we had the capability, we never had a clue what was happening around our house when we were away. But did anything bad ever happen? Now, every person who walks by or knocks on the door is immediately met with skepticism.

It’s great to be vigilant, and unfortunately, the world has taught us that we need to be more on guard than welcoming in most instances. But it comes with a price—and that’s increased worry, or the incessant need to be notified of every little thing that could be amiss.

False Alarms

For every homeowner who stopped a would-be criminal with a video doorbell, there are 25 others who have never had a criminal approach their home, yet they still open the app at least five times a day.


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