Benefits of Access Control Systems

Top 7 Benefits of Access Control To Consider

  • No More Lost Keys:
    Imagine never having to dig through your purse searching for your keys, never ripping a pocket with a sharp key. Keycards and key fobs are much easier to carry and cheaper to replace. There is also the option of fingerprint access or retina detection, but we will save that for another blog.
  • Control Who is Coming and Going:
    An access control system determines who is allowed to enter or exit, where they are allowed to exit or enter, and when they are allowed to enter or exit. It gives the owner the ability to set very concise boundaries for access.
  • Difficult to Duplicate:
    Keys are very easy to duplicate if lost or stolen and then your only guarantee for peace of mind would be to change the locks. With key fobs or keycards, all you would have to do is replace that particular item.
  • Increase Safety:
    You will have the ability to see which code was used to enter a building or disarm a security system. If you are considering this for a residence, this is perfect for knowing when your children arrive home safely.
  • Not Just for Door Access:
    Access control systems can be used for more than just opening doors. You can use such technology to open barriers, turnstiles, motorized fences, and parking gates. This will keep any intruders away from your workplace or home, making the environment safer for everyone.
  • Control Access On Multiple Properties:
    This is a great feature for commercial business owners or campuses that have many different properties. You can allow certain employees access to more than one location with the same code. This alleviates the need for several keys.
  • Simplify Employee Turnover:
    Most high-end businesses, campuses, and apartment complexes have the capacity to easily restrict access to a single key card or even replace a lost one without going through the hassle of replacing keys to every individual accessing the building.

Top 7 Benefits of Access Control To Consider CT


  1. Do you need WiFi for an access control system?
  2. Do you have to wire the system?
    You can, but there are wireless systems available also.
  3. Can the access control system be controlled from a smartphone?
    Some manufacturers offer this option

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