Benefits Of A Keyless Entry System


A keyless entry system can make your life easier, by eliminating the need to carry around a key that you could lose. Another plus is that you can usually install a keyless entry system yourself.

However, before you make the jump from a traditional door lock to a keyless system, there are some pros and cons to consider.

Benefits Of A Keyless Entry System Farmington Valley CT

Pros of a Keyless Entry System

  1. You can monitor access to and from your home. Many keyless systems allow you to assign a specific code to each user, so you can keep track of who is coming and going.
  2. There is no more losing keys. If you often have neighbors or friends coming to check in on things when you’re gone, you don’t have to worry about them losing your house key. If you have someone coming to do some work when you’re away, you can just give them a code and disable it as soon as the work is done.
  3. There’s no more need for “emergency keys.” You don’t have to hide that extra key under the rug or under the flower pot.
  4. Great for school kids when they get off the bus. Get an alert when the door is opened and with which code.

Benefits Of A Keyless Entry System Avon CT

Cons of a Keyless Entry System

  1. If you have trouble remembering codes, a keyless system may not be for you. Experts say you should change your code from time to time as buttons can get worn or discolored, making it easy for a thief to figure out the code.
  2. A power failure can cause some issues with remote connections. You never know when technology will fail so it’s best to have a traditional key as a backup.
  3. Keyless lock systems range from $150 to $250, while the average cost of a traditional deadbolt lock is less than $50.

Benefits Of A Keyless Entry System Farmington CT


  1. Can you have different codes for different people? Yes
  2. Do you need a wifi connection for this to work? No
  3. Can you have the same product on different doors with the same codes? Yes

Benefits Of A Keyless Entry System Torrington CT


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