5 Business Surveillance System Tips

Business Surveillance Systems

Safety should be the top priority for any place of business. Not only does your workplace house employees on a day-to-day basis but also important and expensive equipment. There are plenty of factors that increase a worker’s risk in the workplace, including line of business, setting, the size of department—the list goes on.

Enhancing workplace security is both necessary and beneficial for you and your employees alike. One way to do that is by installing a surveillance system. These systems provide a reliable and convenient way to securely monitor the ins and outs of your building. Video surveillance cameras use new technology in digital video monitoring, coding, storage, and even intelligent analysis. Each camera has special features that can be catered to your needs. They can be installed on high ceilings and corners for discretion.

In addition, their compact size won’t alter the décor of the room. Most importantly, they provide high quality monitoring for optimal safety and security.


Bonus Business Security Tips

  1. Keep your system safe from hackers. Change your surveillance passwords often or when employees with access leave the company.
  2. Avoid Video Surveillance Legal Liabilities. Be sure to avoid areas that people expect to have their privacy. Things such as dressing rooms, exam rooms, bathrooms, or any other location might be protected by state privacy laws.
  3. Strategically Place Cameras. Over cash registers and all entrances is a must but be sure to go over your building layout and identify any blind spots that could potentially prompt hazardous situations.
  4. Store Video Footage in the Cloud. Cloud-based storage systems offer more storage space and flexible access for additional users and access from remote locations.
  5. Increase Business Security with Additional Camera Features. By adding extra features, you can improve the effectiveness of your system. Night vision, adjustable angles, and weatherproof options are great additions to any system.



  1. Do you have to post a sign that people are being recorded?
    In a business, it is required in the state of CT, to have a sign
  2. Is audio recording legal?
  3. Can I look up video footage and save it?
    Depending on your equipment, yes


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