Smart Thermostats

There are many different opinions out there regarding the use of smart thermostats. Savings on utility bills is one of the biggest draws. Most predict a 10-15% savings in heating and cooling costs.

A smart thermostat comes with apps that you can download to your mobile devices which allow you to check or change the temperature remotely. It also has the ability to set scheduled times for specific temperatures.

Adaptability is also a time saver. Some have learning capabilities and can “learn” as they go so it will optimize the heating and cooling to adjust to your schedule. They also track the outdoor temperatures from internet data and “learn” your schedule and how long your equipment needs to run to meet the desired temperature setting. They can use this data to vary the temperature in the home based on sensing occupancy.

They can also sense when the system is running too long and notify you that the system needs to be serviced.



  1. Do I need an electrician to install a smart thermostat?
    The best option is to have a C-wire installed, which means it will require a professional to avoid any risk to yourself or your home.
  2. Can you manually operate a smart thermostat?
    You need wi-fi to use it remotely but can always use it manually.
  3. Are smart thermostats worth the money?


Monitor your Smart Home controls from any computer or smart device!

Not only is home automation an effective way to reduce your home’s energy and resource usage, it can also cut down on utility and maintenance costs. Smart Home automation systems provide you with the peace of mind of staying in contact with your home. SoundWorks & Security will install a system that will also be financially beneficial by helping you to save on energy costs. By lowering the lights by 10% you can save on electricity. By controlling your heating and cooling system you can save on fuel. All of these systems can conveniently be controlled by one device in the palm of your hand.


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