Remote Control Smart Thermostats

Benefits of Remote-Control Thermostats

Modern technology continues to develop and make our lives a little bit easier, so it just makes sense that there are some high-tech ways to control your temperature. Are there actual benefits of having a thermostat that you can control when you are away from home, or is a remote access thermostat just the latest toy?


Access Anywhere

The most common reason that people switch to smart thermostats and remote control temperature is the ease of controlling the thermostat from wherever you are. With remote control thermostats, you will not have to worry about if you forgot to turn off the heat or adjust the temperature in your home when you’re away. Instead, you can utilize the app offered by your specific thermostat and change the setting from the convenience of your cell phone or mobile device.

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Multiple Thermostat Management

Most remote-control thermostats on the market today offer the ability to control multiple thermostats at the same time through their offered app. For example, if you manage multiple properties or have multiple homes, your thermostat’s app will offer the ability to alter the thermostat of multiple thermostats from a single app. Not only does this cut down on the complexities of having multiple thermostats, but it can lead to significant energy savings by cutting down on energy usage.

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Easy Programming

With a remote-control Wi-Fi thermostat, it is easy to set your thermostat for days at a time. Usually, a remote-control thermostat will allow you to program temperatures 7 days at a time, but some units might offer anywhere from 5 to 10-day programming. With thermostat programming, you can easily tell your remote thermostat what temperatures you will need the system to hit on certain days of the week.


Energy Management

Remote control thermostats usually lead to significant energy savings as you will have a way to alter the thermostat when you are not home. For example, if you left the system on when you will be out of the house for a few hours, you could easily access the thermostat from your home and turn the thermostat off. That way, you are not utilizing your heating or air conditioning when nobody is home.

Remote Control Smart Thermostats Litchfield-County-CT


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Monitor your Smart Home controls from any computer or smart device!

Not only is home automation an effective way to reduce your home’s energy and resource usage, it can also cut down on utility and maintenance costs. Smart Home automation systems provide you with the peace of mind of staying in contact with your home. SoundWorks & Security will install a system that will also be financially beneficial by helping you to save on energy costs. By lowering the lights by 10% you can save on electricity. By controlling your heating and cooling system you can save on fuel. All of these systems can conveniently be controlled by one device in the palm of your hand.

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