Top 5 Considerations When Pre-Wiring Your Home

Items to consider when pre-wired with low voltage wiring.

  1. Security Systems
  2. Intercom Secure Access
  3. Networking and Wireless Networks
  4. Smart Home Automation
  5. Multi-Room Audio / Video
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Pre-Wiring Your Home For Low Voltage Services

When building a new home or remolding your home, this is a good time to pre-wire for low voltage wiring. While most of your home's wiring is standard, the low voltage wiring is important to prepare your home for security, automation, and Smart Home services.

Pre-wiring is a much easier task when the house is still being framed, or remodeled. The low voltage wiring and cables for computer networks, security systems, and home automation are much easier to run before the walls have been closed off and finished.

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Low Voltage Wiring

Low voltage wiring for telephone service, security, automation, networking, and Smart Homes are run from each room to a central location. When service is required, all your wiring will be labeled, and available in one main location in your home for easy access and service.


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