How Temperature Sensors Can Save You Money

If You Have Ever Had A Pipe Freeze In The Winter

If so you know exactly how much time and money this Temperature Sensor can save you. Don't find out the hard way!

When the sensor detects a reading above or below the designated range, it transmits the data back to the main thermostat. The main thermostat will then do one of two things: Send a push notification to your phone alerting you of the change in climate or automatically kickstart the system for you (and stop it when your desired preference is reached).


Different sensors in your home, of course, have different purposes. Security sensors that monitor movement and activity near your premises help you sleep soundly at night. A major issue during the cold months is your pipes potentially freezing. Instead of spending money on fixing and mending them, sensors can save you expenses, time, and trouble. They’ll notify you the instant the degrees lower, so you can easily prepare. Do you have a second home or a vacation spot where you spend a summer or season?


When the weather gets unbearably cold at home, you might leave for a sunny holiday or break. If you take frequent trips, low temperature sensors are ideal for you. While you’re gone, you’ll not only be notified immediately when the degrees lower, you’ll also have access to the history of the temperature highs and lows throughout your absence. Let the sensors take care of managing the house while you spend the vacation relaxing and with a solid peace of mind.



  1. Will this connect to my alarm system?
  2. Does this require electricity?
  3. Does this have an alert for high temp and low temp?
    Yes, it will alert for both

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