5 Ways To Save Money With Smart Home Controls

Benefits Of Smart Home Controls

  1. Energy Efficient Climate Controls.
  2. Motion Detectors and Occupation Sensors.
  3. Water Conservation Smart Devices.
  4. Remote Power Management.
  5. Personalized Energy Efficiency Reports.

Energy Savings Automation Systems Remote Monitoring

Energy Saving Automation Systems With Remote Monitoring

When you think about saving money at home, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? The obvious answer usually involves remembering to shut off lights, turn off faucets and  shorter heating and cooling cycles. With automated Smart Home technologies, you’re not just in control over the safety and comfort of your home, you’re in control when it comes to your energy bills.

Looking to save money? Before you think about cutting back on family entertainment or skimping on your next family vacation, you may want to get a quote on Smart Home controls to discover where you may be wasting money. For instance, electricity powers dozens of machines in our homes, including our HVAC systems, cooking appliances, refrigerators, dishwashers, and an ever-growing number of home entertainment and rechargeable devices. Although many new appliances are covered by federal efficiency standards or voluntary programs like ENERGY STAR, one can optimize efficiency and reduce energy costs with Smart Home automation.

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Monitor your Smart Home controls from any computer or smart device!

Not only is home automation an effective way to reduce your home’s energy and resource usage, it can also cut down on utility and maintenance costs. Smart Home automation systems provide you with the peace of mind of staying in contact with your home. SoundWorks & Security will install a system that will also be financially beneficial by helping you to save on energy costs. By lowering the lights by 10% you can save on electricity. By controlling your heating and cooling system you can save on fuel. All of these systems can conveniently be controlled by one device in the palm of your hand.

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