We Are Now Installing Golf Simulators

Golf simulators provide several benefits that even real golf can’t offer.

The first is the ability to play golf any time and in any weather condition. For people that must put their clubs away during the winter, this is particularly beneficial.
Rather than hitting into a net or not swinging at all, golf simulators allow you to see the performance of your shots and keep your game fresh in the offseason.

Golf Simulators Litchfield CT

What do you need to set up a golf simulator?

To run a golf simulator, you need a few important pieces of equipment as well as a good space to make a full swing. At a minimum, here is what you need to get most simulators up and running:

  • A launch monitor
  • Golf simulation software
  • Hitting mat
  • Computer/tablet
  • Golf net
  • A room with a 12’W x 16’D x 9’H area

Golf Simulators Avon CT

  1. What type of computer will I need to run the golf simulator?
    A decent gaming laptop or home PC should work fine.
  2. Can you watch TV on a golf simulator?
    Yes. You can watch anything on TV that you want while playing golf, including live games.
  3. Are golf simulators good for kids?
    Kids will have fun with the machine because it is much easier than going outside to play in bad weather. They are not recommended for children under the age of 12, however.
  4. How accurate are golf simulators?
    Very accurate. The ball flight is the same as if you were outside playing, so it’s a great way to measure your performance.
  5. How do golf simulators work?
    They are operated much like TV remote controls. You choose what you want to do when you want to play.

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