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The Sonos music systems have taken off in popularity the industry recently. They are leading the industry with the most music services such as Pandora, Sirius radio, Amazon music, etc. A major part of Sonos's appeal is due to it being completely separate from your phone, so there are no disruptions when you receive a call. Another reason for the rise in popularity lies in its hugely simple set-up process with no wires and its clean appearance. There is also a new completely wireless model where you can charge the wireless units.

The Sonos Controller app (available on Android and iOS) will walk you through the set-up, but it requires little more than pressing the speaker's sync button (to link them to your network and other Sonos speakers), finding the connected speaker on the app and entering details such as your wi-fi password. It's really that simple. And the slick, easy-to-use Controller app makes everyday use even easier.

In the app, you can assign each speaker to a room of your house, program it so the volume on the soundbar can be controlled via your TV’s remote, and add your favorite streaming services. The app recognizes which speaker you're using, and in which room you're using it.

Sonos Music Systems Service In CT


  1. Do you have to have the same music playing in multiple rooms? No, you can have multiple users controlling different rooms or just one user controlling multiple rooms.
  2. Do you need the internet to connect and use Sonos? Yes
  3. Can you put more than one device on the app on your smartphone or tablet? Yes, you can control one whole system via the app.

Sonos Music Systems In CT

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