Projector vs TV Pros and Cons

Projector vs TV

A projector’s screen size is dependent on its “throw distance,” which means how far away it is from the surface it’s projecting its image onto. For instance, the projector we recommend can throw a 100-inch image from 8.3 feet away. If you’re in a smaller room than that or need to keep your projector closer to the screen wall for any other reason, the screen size will be smaller.


Projectors Pros:

  • Huge image - most projectors can easily project an HD image that is 4X larger than a 65-inch flat-screen TV. Want a bigger image than that? If you have the space and proper lighting conditions, you can cast an image up to 300 inches diagonally. That's more than 21 feet across!
  • Portable - good luck moving that bulky and extremely heavy, yet super fragile, flat-screen TV. Want to take it to your friend’s house to watch the game? It'll sit very nicely in your car seat. Try that with a flat-screen TV.
  • Spend less at the movies - with a home theater projector (and a nice sound system), you can recreate the cinema experience without ever leaving your house. And best of all, your refrigerator won't charge you twenty bucks when you want a beverage!!

Projector Cons:

  • Just make sure to pick one that is bright enough for your environment. Use a projector sizer to find a projector that fits your space.


Flat Screen Pros:

  • Don't have to worry about watching movies with the lights on.

Flat Screen Cons:

  • Smaller, more expensive images.
  • A nightmare to move. Less Durable.


Projector vs TV – How They’re Different:

  • The main difference between the two is that with a projector, you’re going to be able to get a much bigger picture for a lower price. However, with a television screen, you’re going to get a better-quality picture, but of course, this will be much more expensive than using a projector.
  • When you’re creating your own home theatre system, you want everything to be perfect. But most of us don’t have tens of thousands to spend on a setup, so you’ll likely be looking for the best value option. Often, this is with a video projector, as you can maximize your screen size for your overall cost.
  • But these are just the basics, and there are other factors that are going to affect your viewing experience.



  1. Can you have “apps” on a projector screen?
  2. Which will last longer?
    That depends on the projector lamp
  3. Do you need WiFi to use a projector?
    No, but you will require an internet connection


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