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When warmer seasons come knocking, many homeowners look forward to giving their backyards a makeover. Sometimes upgrades are as minor as picking out the new patio furniture and grooming the gardens. But if you’re planning for a big backyard transformation, you can’t forget about the music.

While no one would argue against the benefits of enjoying music outside, some may wonder if investing in an outdoor system is worth it. Can’t you just bring out any old speakers from inside? What if outdoor speakers ruin the look of your landscaping? Will they be a hassle to operate? We curtail these concerns below.

All of these devices provide amazing sound with even distribution based on placement!

1. Outdoor Speakers Stand Up to Harsh Elements

Unlike the controlled environment of your living room, your backyard is no stranger to harsh weather and temperatures. Indoor speakers aren’t built to withstand the outdoor elements in New England and surrounding areas. Instead, you need durable outdoor speakers that can stand up to any harsh conditions thrown at them, such as rain, snow, sun, and extreme temperatures.

Plus, indoor speakers are designed for enclosed areas and have a lower volume output, outdoor speakers are made to cut through gusty winds and other background noise so you can hear your tunes no matter the commotion around you.

Outdoor Sound System Farmington CT

2. You Can Get More Use Out of Your Backyard

When you invest in an outdoor audio system, you’ll find plenty of new opportunities for enjoying your backyard. For example, take your workout to the pool and swim laps while you blast an energizing playlist through your outdoor speakers.

Pair your speaker system with an outdoor TV and host a karaoke night or watch movies under the stars. Even without a TV, you can stream the audio of a sports game outdoors so you can grill without missing a play. Music also makes yardwork more fun and brightens up a workday on the porch. There’s so much you can do with your outdoor speakers!

Outdoor Sound System Litchfield CT

3. Discreet Speakers Keep Your Landscaping Front and Center

You take great care of your backyard spaces to keep them beautiful all year long. We understand why you wouldn’t want to distract from your curated landscaping with obtrusive speakers.

Luckily for design-conscious homeowners, today’s best outdoor speakers from manufacturers like Sonance are specially designed to blend in with your landscaping, whether hidden among your gardens and bushes or even disguised as rocks. Your outdoor speakers can work well with your landscaping design—not against it—so you can enjoy quality audio without compromising your well-tended-to backyard.

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4. Controlling Your System Is Simple

Call up any music source, control volume, and song selection, and distribute music from indoors to the outdoors in seconds. If you’re relaxing on the patio in solitude, you can listen to your playlist of choice outdoors while your partner listens to a different playlist throughout the house at the same time.

Go a step further by setting the perfect scene for enjoying your music with a button tap.
Ready to add outdoor speakers to your backyard renovations list?

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  1. Do I need WiFi to use an outdoor system?
    That depends on the type of system you have.
  2. How much will it cost me to install some speakers?
    That also depends on how basic or elaborate you want to get.
  3. Can you hide the speakers?

Outdoor Sound System Litchfield County CT

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