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Benefits Of Working From Home

If you had asked me about flexible working a few months ago, I would have talked about the benefits a flexible workforce brings to an organization and how the future of work will be disrupted by technology. Until recently, employees with predominantly desk-based positions working from home was a choice and a flexible benefit. An employer put its trust in an employee to work remotely recognizing it’s not about hours sat at a desk, but about productivity and using time effectively to produce results. This trust is now a two-way street, with individuals empowered to manage their own time and workload without the familiar surroundings and structure of their teams and workplace.

Productivity- Our motivation will likely be challenged in the absence face to face and regular management - out of sight, out of mind. In researching this topic, almost 84% of workers stated that employee engagement and productivity are linked, yet only half of US employees considered their organizations to be effective at creating a positive work environment. This will only exacerbate with so many working remotely. Only 42% of those surveyed considered their employer to be effective at creating meaningful work, so leaders must now focus on employee engagement - and in turn productivity – to prevent a slump.

One size doesn’t fit all- With longer careers and multi-generational employees are more diverse than ever before. Employers need to be sensitive to the challenges remote working brings to colleagues and how they are coping with enforced change. One colleague might be a multitasking parent with their children no longer at school or in childcare. Another may have elderly relatives in their care. Now there is a way to do it all. Boost your WiFi signal with a range extender and you can work while being out on your deck while the kids play or while Grandma is tending to her garden.

Making Working From Home A Good Thing SoundWorks Torrington CT

Connecting people- Working from home, the use of video conferencing for meetings will increase and this should be encouraged. You want to be prepared and make sure that your internet speed can keep up with this. You don’t want a lag in your chat or zoom call.

Video helps establish presence and connection. The increased use of video is humanizing the workforce – allowing colleagues into our homes and seeing a more informal you. It’s ok to have cats and kids and be seen wearing a Nirvana t-shirt from 1994. Not everyone is used to this way of working so share your own tips with colleagues of how you are adapting and what is working, or not working, so we can learn from each other.

Logistics- When we’re not in our usual workspace, we lose things we may have taken for granted e.g. a desk, chair, printer, stationery, and even a coffee machine. It’s important we create a space that we are comfortable working in. Keep a connection to the outside world with a window and natural light to break up unnatural screen glare. Or try extending your WiFi and work outside. No one’s priority when furnishing a home is an office desk and chair, but it is important to be comfortable while working. Try sitting on a gym ball, create a standing desk, and avoid long periods of sitting.

Make it enjoyable- There are many ways to extend or enhance your wi-fi so you can be outside and enjoy working from home. .There are many benefits to working from home. I’d encourage everyone to recognize the gift of time that working from home provides by removing daily commutes and workplaces. Ultimately remote working is about trust, teamwork, and technology to ensure we can stay safe and still work together.

Making Working From Home A Good Thing

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Benefits Of Working From Home

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