Common Mistakes To Avoid When Building a Home Theater

Top Mistakes When Building a Home Theater Room

You spent a ton of cash and time setting up your small home theater ideas, yet something doesn’t appear to be correct. Did you make any errors? Look at our rundown of common mistakes most of us make when attempting to put together home movie theater ideas.

On top of our list is buying the wrong TV size. Probably the biggest reason why TVs are returned is that it is either too large to fit in an assigned space or it is unreasonably small for the room size.

To decide the best TV screen size, you need to ensure first that you consider the space the TV is to be set in. Measure both the available width and height. Additionally, check the weight capacity of where it is being hung, and measure the seating distance from the screen. Yes, you should also consider home theater seating ideas in choosing the right TV size.

The second common mistake is that the room has windows or lighting issues. Room lighting definitely affects the TV and video projector viewing experience.

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Most TVs do well in a semi-lit room, but darker is always better, particularly for video projectors. Never place your TV on a wall across windows. If you plan to use drapes to cover the windows, we recommend the light-blocking types.

The next has to do with the properties of the sound itself.

Sound travels in waves; where the higher-pitched a sound seems, the shorter and faster that particular wave travels, while the lower-pitched a sound is, the slower and longer that wave is.

These waves travel throughout the room, reflecting off of some surfaces and being absorbed by others before finally reaching your ears.

Home Theater In Litchfield CT

Now here’s why the room type plays such an important role. When a room has a lot of reflective surfaces such as hardwood, marble, etc, the sound is continuously reflected, with some of the waves even interacting with each other.

When this happens, it can cause the sound to seem almost harsh, especially when turned to moderate volumes. This not only limits your speakers’ full potential but may also lead to ear fatigue.

To combat this and make sure that your speakers are performing to the best of their capability, you’ll want a lot of soft padded material in the room.

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  1. How many speakers do I need?
    That would depend on the size of the room. Generally, at least 5.
  2. What size room do I need?
    There isn’t a set size, it depends on your preferences and space.
  3. Do you need a surge protector?

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