Benefits Of Working From Home

Working From A Home Office

Imagine yourself on a hazy summer day lounging in the pool with your favorite playlist going while responding to emails and chatting with potential clients. What a change from the normal workday!

Numerous studies have been done on the benefits of being outdoors. From stress relief to increased energy and Vitamin D. Why not give yourself a gift of an “outdoors home office” at least one day a week in the months that the weather cooperates?

This is a totally possible scenario. Outdoor Wi-Fi and/or range extender is what you need.

Telecommuting From Home Office CT


  1. Can outdoor speakers be integrated with my smartphone? Absolutely. This can be done in numerous ways. The most common is through Bluetooth.
  2. Can the speakers be hidden or disguised? Yes, there are several options for unobvious speakers.
  3. Are the outdoor speakers waterproof? Yes, most are water resistant 4-Is it possible to boost my Wi-Fi signal outside? Yes, there are various adapters.

Home Office Working From Home Telecommuting CT

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