5 Benefits Of A Video Wall

1. Stellar Images And Experience

Conventional strategies and availability of technology in the past meant businesses would use projectors to display large images. That technology required focusing of the lens, blending of edges between two projected images, or sometimes the use case would require two projectors just to put enough light on the wall to create an image. Video walls use direct view technology like LED screens, which provide a crisp and clear picture and increased brightness.

Have you ever walked into an electronic store and stopped the moment you saw a screen showing a magical landscape? The clarity and experience it provided made you pause and pay attention. Interactive video walls offer the same experience.

2. Resolution Is No Longer A Problem

Resolution is one detail you can’t ignore. Sports bars build a business through loyalty. The loyalty is built through that amazing game-day experience and great food/beverage/service. Larger-than-life screens with exceptional detail and contrast is the thing that ensures they keep coming back. The bigger the image, and the more detailed, the more you’ll need great resolution.

Resolution is the number, size, and density of all the pixels it takes to compose a clear image. If you can see those individual dots from the targeted viewing position, or if you feel the image is 'soft', the resolution of the display hardware is probably too low. With professional video wall design, you can get the best high-definition picture possible and even add more displays together to create a wall as clear and as big as you want. There are many opportunities and options to fit your needs.


3. Powerful Processing Capabilities

The flexibility to display lots of different types of content in a span across a large or uniquely shaped video wall is enabled by image processing power. This processing can be handled in the screens themselves (to split and span the image across many screens, for instance), or it might be handled by a separate piece of hardware.

A wall assembled using consumer displays can't provide the same processing power or flexibility.

4. Present Your Content The Way You Want To

Do you want customers to pause at the store entrance because your wall demands their attention? Do you want an interactive video wall to provide the help and answers they might have while viewing your products?

Whether the content and messaging needs are passive (brand-building or bold offer-based material) or interactive (virtual fitting room, social media powered), video walls give you the ability to do it BIG.

5. Increase Customer Engagement

An interactive video wall can make all the difference for your company. A typical client feels an urge to buy when the product for sale can be made to feel personalized. A video wall installation accounts for this and positions the content to envision themselves as a user by configuring, browsing options, and attaining their goal.

Whether they have a question about the product, or they want to learn more about you, clients will be more encouraged to act through an interactive video wall. This is an opportunity to gather valuable data about your clients with a chance of improved conversion.


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