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The SoundWorks & Security's team are experts in assessing your risks of fire and providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions to assure the safety of your buildings, equipment and furniture, and most importantly, your people.

SoundWorks & Security has four divisions - Security Systems, Fire Protection Systems, Automation Systems and Audio Visual sustems. Our company specilizes in security system, security cameras, fire protection, fire provention, fire alarms, whole home audio, home theater systems, business video & audio systems, and automation systems experience, ensuring the best service. As a local, family owned business we maintain a high level of professionalism with a unique understanding of our business and our clients.


Security Systems

Security Systems CT 06790

SoundWorks & Security's Security Systems ~ read more


Access Control

Access Control CT 06790SoundWorks & Security Access Control ~  read more

Burglar Alarms

Burglar Alarms CT 06790SoundWorks & Security Burglar Alarms ~ read more

Security Cameras

Security Cameras CT 06790SoundWorks & Security Security Cameras ~ read more

Ip Cameras

ip Camera CT 06790SoundWorks & Security IP cameras ~ read more

Camera Systems 

Camera Systems CT 06790SoundWorks & Security Camera Systems ~ read more

Camera Security Systems

Camera Security Systems CT 06790SoundWorks & Security Camera Security Systems ~ read more

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance CT 06790SoundWorks & Security Video Surveillance ~ read more

Remote Monitoring 

Remote Monitoring CT 06790SoundWorks & Security Remote Monitoring ~ read more

24 Hour Monitoring

24 Hour Monitoring CT 06790SoundWorks & Security 24 Hour Monitoring ~ read more

Fire Systems

Fire Systems CT 06790SoundWorks & Security Fire Systems ~ read more

Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms CT 06790SoundWorks & Security Fire Alarm  ~ read more

Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention CT 06790SoundWorks & Security Fire Prevention ~ read more

Fire Detection 

Fire Detection CT 06790SoundWorks & Security Fire Detection ~ read more

Fire Protection

Fire Protection CT 06790SoundWorks & Security Fire Protection ~ read more

Fire Equipment Saftey Inspection 

Fire Saftey Equipment CT 06790

SoundWorks & Security Fire Equipment Saftey Inspection ~ read more

Automation Systems

Automation Systems CT 06790SoundWorks & Security Automation Systems ~ read more

Home Automation

Home Automation Systems CT 06790SoundWorks & Security Home Automation ~ read more


Audio Visual

Audio / Video Systems CT 06790SoundWorks & Security Audio Visual ~ read more

Surround Sound Systems

Surround Sound Systems CT 06790SoundWorks & Security Surround Sound Systems ~ read more


Home Theater System

Home Theater System CT 06790SoundWorks & Security Home Theater Systems ~ read more

Business Audio Visual

Business Audio / Video Systems CT 06790SoundWorks & Security Business Audio Visual  ~ read more

Business Audio Systems

Business Audio Systems CT 06790SoundWorks & Security Business Audio Systems ~ read more

Business Video Systems

Business Video Systems CT 06790SoundWorks & Security Business Video Systems ~ read more

Phone Systems

Phone Systems CT 06790

SoundWorks & Security Phone Systems

Central Vacuum System

Central Vacuum Systems CT 06790

SoundWorks & Security Central Vacuum Systems

CT Security Services CT 06790

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